After finishing my bachelor's degree in Photojournalism at Rhodes University, I ventured back to Cape Town to start my career as a press photographer and writer. After a short stint at the Cape Argus, covering the St Elmos bomb attacks and various other grizzly topics, I realised this wasn't for me. Next came two years of travels around South East Asia and India, capturing all the beautiful landscapes, people and cultures; as well as working for an English language magazine in Thailand.

Returning back to Cape Town I had a much clearer picture of what I wanted - and delved into the publishing industry first as a freelancer - mainly shooting landscapes and travel features - and later as a photographer at Highbury Safika Media (HSM) where I honed my skills in studio photography immersing myself in fashion, portraiture, decor and product stills. After 10 years I sadly resigned from my full time position as senior photographer and photography manager - to go back to the freelance world, which has given me more flexibility as a working mother.

I am intensely passionate about what I do, whether it's capturing interesting people, amazing spaces, or expansive landscapes - my photography is art to me and always remains very close to my heart.

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