Joanna Higgs, a skilled filmmaker, narrator and communicator, and award-winning director/producer has been a journalist, editor, producer and director for both local (South African) and international television networks, including Reuters and the BBC. She started Go Trolley Films in 2007. Working with the ethos that 'Anything is Possible', the team has grown into a family of talented, committed professionals. We have done a lot of story telling for great non-governmental and commercial organisations in South Africa, and have made our own award-winning independent documentaries about subjects we care about because we can.

We understand the different needs of television, online and mobile audiences and work with people and environments to find the human heart of any story we tell. We have a strong stills photography department fuelled by a group of talented, professional photographers that we represent. Kudos, our specialized communications division focuses on creating visibility for our clients. Especially for those working in the development space. We love social media and its power to create communities and conversations with people all over the world. We are a pioneering supporter of homegrown mobile platform Bozza. We see social media as a key area of growth for digital storytelling and have expanded our skill base to be able to offer clients a full service - from concept to content creation to community building.

Clients include IJR, Research Africa, Ikamva Labantu, Doctors without Borders and many others working in social transformation and development. We are also proud to work with advertising agencies: Radar, DKC, Native Digital and Espresso, local broadcasters, Kyknet and MNET, and further afield with BBC World, BBC One, BBC Sport, NBC, Associated Press, Reuters.

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